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How to start a website

Hello readers, I am Rohit Gupta, full-time journalist and part-time digital marketer working as Social Media Editor at National Herald.  I have started this blog to reduce the gap between Journalism & Digital Marketing. So today will start with the basic. I will show you “How to Create a News Portal” or how to start a news portal website.


Let me explain to you what a website is-

Just consider your website as a local shop in your neighborhood and think what do you need to start a shop? So primary there are 4 things you need.

  1. Plot
  2. Address
  3. Structure or Construction
  4. Goods

Similarly, Website also needs these 4 things to run.  There are some technical terms used for all these. like

  1. Plot – Hosting
  2. Address – Domain
  3. Structure or Construction – Website Designing
  4. Goods – Content

To start a website you need to first get all of the above things. I will explain you about each of them separately. I will also tell you how and where you can but them. You can complete each step one by one.

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